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The vestry is responsible for all church property and assets; they approve the budget and authorize major expenditures. The vestry calls the rector, with the approval of the bishop, and sets the rector’s salary. The rector, in turn, hires and supervises all other clergy and church staff, and has canonical responsibility for the liturgy and worship programs of the parish. Basically, the rector is responsible for the general direction of the parish and the spiritual life of the congregation, and the vestry is responsible for handling the money, general oversight, and making sure that the facilities are well ­maintained. The rector and the vestry work in tandem to share the load of running a parish.

The vestry meets monthly to discuss, reflect, and take action on the many important aspects of parish life. New vestry members are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting held each February. The vestrymen are active parish members, and their structure includes the offices of senior warden, junior warden, secretary, and treasurer. The
rector also participates in vestry meetings, which are usually held on the third Sunday of each month, in the rector’s study, during coffee hour.

Carl Kleeman, Senior Warden

George Goanas, Junior Warden
Jennifer Dickson, Treasurer
John Hoyman, Secretary

William Jackson
Jerry Williams   


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